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Open grant competition!

Maximum funding available: US$500

Deadline: 21 September 2017.

Please see "Proposal Submission Instructions" for more information. Questions may be directed to Shavonda Mobley, Grant Coordinator at


Convocatoria abierta de subvenciones!

Monto máximo disponible: US$500

Fecha límite: 21 de septiembre del 2017. 

Por favor vea "Instrucciones para presentar propuestas" para mas información. Se puede dirigir preguntas a Shavonda Mobley, Coordinador de Subvenciones,  a


Here are some projects we've been involved in

Paraguay Emprende

Through our 2016 small grant program, we supported Paraguay Emprende, an initiative to "awaken entrepreneurial interest in Paraguayan youth and instill technical capacities to initiate and provide ongoing support to sustainable and successful businesses."

The initiative is led by Peace Corps Volunteers from the Community Economic Development sector in partnership with the Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios and the Cooperativa Universitaria. Nationwide activities in 2016 included 12 local workshops with 350+ participants to promote entrepreneurship; 25 Construye Tus Sueños courses resulting in 150 business plans developed; and a National Workshop in August where 40 youth participated in activities, presentations, technical training sessions, and a business plan competition.

Friends of Paraguay provided $500 to the initiative, which was used to purchase T-shirts for the National Workshop.  


AHECHA: Capturing Paraguayan Culture Through the Lens of A Camera

Ahecha Paraguay (“I see Paraguay” in Jopara, a mix of the country’s second official language, the indigenous Guaraní and Spanish) is a participatory photography project dedicated to giving youth in Peace Corps Paraguay communities more access to creativity development and to providing them with a new life perspective through the guided use of cameras.

The project provides a kit of digital cameras to Peace Corps Volunteers who administer photography workshops within their communities. The two month long workshop provides a minimum of 16 hours of hands-on camera work for each participant, along with a classroom review, and discussion of other peer and professional photographs. Volunteers teach the youth the basics of photography through pre-composed highly interactive workshops that promote discovery, creativity, and analysis. Ahecha Paraguay also includes photo exchanges between participating communities as a means of fostering understanding of other peoples and pride in one’s own work and community. Ahecha Paraguay culminates on an annual basis with national exhibitions of selected photographs from every community in the capital, Asunción.


2014 Donation of instruments to the Orquesta de Instrumentos Reciclados de Cateura

Learn more about the Landfill Harmonic here.

2011 Centro de Capacitacion Santo Domingo